The Frog King's Pond

The Frog King's Pond

a magical, cozy game environment

Deep in the fairytale forest there is a magical pond. In it's middle floats a sphere. You may want to steal it but it belongs to the Frog Kind that lives there


This environment exists in two versions: there's the one lighted in Blender and one that is used as an environment in Unreal Engine for a simple Game project of mine. Both of them have their own pros and cons. The UE project has a beautiful moving water material, though I like the lighting in Blender better for example. So I'll show you both.

This was the first project of mine which I made in Blender. It's not perfect but I very much like the theme and the cozy atmosphere it conveys.

All models were made in Blender, the tileable water and tree texture in Affinity Designer, other textures in Substance Painter.

Then one version was implemented into UE4, set and used in a small game project; as I was trying to get used to Blender though I also lighted and rendered it in there.

Project Type - Environment Study, Alone

Software - Blender, Substance Painter, UE4, Affinity Designer

By - Lena Lund

Blender Version

Unreal Engine Game Project Showcase

Unreal Engine Screenshots