The Witch's Kitchen

a research project on game environments with different atmospheres

This is one of my favourite projects as it was both very diverse in tasks and one of my most important ones: It was my bachelor's thesis as well.

I researched various different common design principles to find out why they work and convey certain meanings for the viewer. With this knowledge I designed the same environment premise, a witch's kitchen, twice with 2 different atmospheres in mind. One should be fun and welcoming and the other mysterious, abandoned and cold. At the same time I aspired to let both versions tell a bit of a story of the witch that lives there.

A major part of my thesis was analysing my design and if the results were my expected ones. Therefore I found it fitting to display them together as a whole as well as with some assets in focus.

I started out by researching shapes and the continued to create concept art for each scene. I kept switching back and forth between research and modelling/setting scenes so I could get each aspect right from shapes to colors to framing and lighting.

All assets were modelled in Blender, baked and textured in Substance Painter, 2D assets made in Procreate and Affinity Designer/Photo.

Lastly all were implemented into Unreal Engine 4 where lighting was set and details such as particle effects, animated materials, animations created. To display it all in one I made a build in which you were able to switch between scenes and explore them.

Project Type - Bachelor Thesis, Alone

Software - Blender, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine

By - Lena Lund

Showreel Witch's Kitchen: Both Versions

Scene Details

Comparison Assets